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The Actech Korium Jet is a waterjet system for leather scanning and cutting.

It is suitable for upholstery, automotive, apparel, footwear and leather goods.

The system’s modularity can be adapted to suit those that work up to 200 hides per day.

According to the client’s needs, Korium Jet can be configured as an on-line or off-line system.

With the on-line version, the various leather working steps must be performed sequentially, from defects detection and marking to the scanning of the hides and the subsequent automatic nesting of the patterns and finally the cutting.

The off-line version provides three stages.

The first is the image acquisition of the leather hide – after been appropriately inspected and its defects marked by the operator.

After the scan, the hide is labelled and stored for later use.

In the second stage, the operator launches the PC application for the automatic nesting of the templates to be cut on the previously scanned hide, storing the result.

During the third and final stage, the operator lays the chosen hide out on the table and retrieves the corresponding saved image.

The hide can be freely positioned on the cutting bench because the exact position is detected by a camera.

The cutting machine software recognises the leather hide by its barcode, loads the nesting data and generates the optimal cutting path for the waterjet heads, which is finally sent to the system.

In case the nesting has provided for the recovery of part of the hide, the software will print a new barcode to stick on it.

A specific software takes care of the leather-working management analysis and provides a real-time overview of production statistics, orders and leather consumption.

This makes it possible to constantly monitor the efficiency of the working processes and estimate future costs, raw material supplies and comparison among different suppliers.

According to the production needs of every single client, the machine is available in three versions: with one cutting table and one cutting head; with two tables and one head; and with two tables and two waterjet heads.

The measurements can be customised according to the specific needs of the customer.

Automatic Cutting Technology

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