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Cutwel has released Korloy CBN inserts, which can be used for hard turning with no cutting fluid.

Existing or standard ISO toolholders can be used to hold the inserts.

Typical materials that are hard-turned are grey cast iron (180-230HB), high-temperature alloys (over 45HRC), sintered alloy, carbide roll and high-speed steel roll.

Grade KB320 is suitable for intermittent and continuous cutting on hardened steel, and Grade KB330 for heavy intermittent cutting on hardened steel.

Other grades include Grade KB360 for continuous cutting on cast iron, sintered alloy, heat-resistant alloy and carbide roll, and KB420, for continuous cutting on hardened steel.

Advantages include the following: cycle times and set-ups are generally much shorter on lathes than on grinding machines; CNC lathes are generally recommended for hard turning, but manual lathes can be effective as well; hard turning requires a rigid machine with a rigid toolholder system.

CBN inserts promote faster cycle times, cut cost of machine tool investment, improve accuracy, give high-quality surface finishes, permit higher metal removal rates (two to four times faster than grinding), allow multiple operations in a single chucking, and make wet or dry cutting an option (dry cutting avoids coolant expense and disposal issues).

Full technical back-up is offered on insert selection, speeds feeds and recommended depths of cut.

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