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KraussMaffei has unveiled the PUC08; the company’s new process data capture system for polyurethane processing.

According to KraussMaffei, the PUC08 is easy to use and features an intuitive operator interface that it says reduces training effort and ensures fast analysis of faults and errors.

Graphics displays for each unit in the PUR system are clear and easy to understand, with wetside and dryside components visualised.

The PUC08 provides an overview of the current operating status of the whole system, from the mixing and metering machine to the mixing heads, the moulds and the mould carriers.

It has a 15in touch screen and the operator console also includes function keys, a number pad, cursor keys and freely configurable, system-specific keys.

Depending on their preference and the task at hand, operators can choose to operate the machine either via the touch screen or via the function keys.

Frequently required data can be permanently displayed on the right of the screen.

Data is assigned to this permanent display by pressing a button, similarly to storing stations on a car radio.

The PUC08 can display measured values in large characters, legible from a distance.

This function is especially valuable during setup, because it allows the operator to move freely around the system, making adjustments as required, while closely monitoring the changing data.

All process-relevant data is stored in an SQL database.

Data can be transferred to a host database via an Ethernet connection.

Another feature of the PUC08 is reliability, KraussMaffei said.

Windows XP Embedded is installed on a flash card as operating system – because no hard disk is used, there is no risk of data loss in the event of a power failure.

The IPC for process data capture is located in the switching cabinet and connected to the operator console via an SDL link.

This obviates the need for cooling the operator console.

Instead, the IPC cooling is built into the switching cabinet.

The operator console can be positioned up to 40m away from the switching cabinet.

To boost reliability and system availability, all production data are stored in a PLC system.

PLC and PUC08 communicate via industrial Ethernet.

Once the data have been transferred, the system will continue production even if a fault occurs in the PUC08.

In this case, production protocols are stored temporarily in the PLC.

Once the PUC08 again becomes available, the data are transferred again to the PUC08.

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