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3D laser scanning data sheet - .PDF file.

Kreon Technologies has launched a portable 3D scanning system.

This integration of the Kreon 3D laser scanner, Solano, into the Kreon Baces measuring arm was designed for reverse engineering, fast inspection and quality control.

The Kreon Solano scanner features a contact probe, perfectly associated with the laser line for accuracy and speed.

This association collects up to 40,000 points/s at an accuracy of 50um in an easy and fast paintbrush manner.

The Kreon Baces measuring arm (6- or 7-axis available) allows the inspection of hard-to-reach areas or of parts that are impossible to move to stationery CMMs, such as automotive interiors or fuselage elements.

It gives access to a wide panel of functions, such as scan-to-CAD comparison with colour-coded visualisation of deviations, and gap and flush measurement in automotive, aerospace, consumer products and medical applications.

The Kreon portable 3D scanning system permits fast and simple integration into existing workflows.

The operator can make go/no-go critical decisions, considerably improving product quality.

KREON’s corporate headquarters in Limoges house the Hardware and Software Research and Development units, as well as the Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and Technical Support Operations departments.

Founded in 1991, KREON TECHNOLOGIES is a French based developer of patented technology in high speed, 3D laser scanning systems for a broad range of industries and applications.

In its early years, KREON TECHNOLOGIES provided one industry with one product but today its offer has evolved to complete solutions for quality control, reverse engineering, surface inspection and rapid prototyping throughout the whole manufacturing process for the automotive and aerospace industries as well as design, medical, dental, shoe, etc… 

Well-known for their technological advance, KREON systems are installed all over the world thanks to a wide network of partners and specialists responsible for marketing, sales and technical support.

The first generation of laser scanners is being replaced by new, innovative products stemming from years of experience and know-how acquired in 3D non-contact measurement systems.

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