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Krohne has introduced the Batchflux 5500C and Optibatch 4011C, two batching flowmeters for use in filling machines.

The Batchflux 5500C and Optibatch 4011C feature extremely high reproducibility and are small and compact enough to fit easily into filling machines.

The Batchflux 5500C is used for accurately measuring and dosing conductive liquids such as juice, beer and milk products.

The Batchflux features gap-free fused-in-place Cermet electrodes to meet maximum hygienic requirements.

The measuring tube is made of an extremely durable ceramic that features high-pressure stability and high-temperature shock resistance.

It remains stable during common hot water or steam cleanings.

Co-operative research between Krohne and the PTB (National Metrology Institute) has proved the Batchflux 5500C has high long-term stability.

Subjected to a total of 600 consecutive, simulated CIP cleaning cycles followed by a further 60 sterilisations with hot steam, the ceramic device is about six times more stable than comparable devices with plastic liners.

The Optibatch 4011C is the latest addition to Krohne’s acclaimed Optimass range of Coriolis mass flowmeters.

It is a twin tube meter that has been designed to dose conductive and non-conductive liquids or pastes by either volume or mass.

The meter’s compact design has an integrated electronics system, making a separate signal-converter unnecessary.

A range of hygienic clamp connections is available, as well as an aseptic flange as per DIN11864-2.

Optibatch meters were also used in a pilot project by the Italian manufacturer Fimer.

The devices were used in a linear filling machine to dose olive oil with a density of 920kg/m3 into one and 1.5 litre bottles, with a mass flow of 12kg/min.

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