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Krohne has launched the Waterflux 3070, an electromagnetic water counter for standard applications in the water and wastewater industry.

Its battery life of 15 years makes the meter suitable for applications where no power connection is available.

The counter has the option of a GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information.

The measuring tube of the Waterflux 3070 has been designed with a rectangular cross section, which offers several advantages.

The coils are arranged so that a strong, homogeneous magnetic field is formed, meaning that measurement is independent of flow profile.

It also allows for short inlets and outlets, meaning the Waterflux can be installed in very narrow wells and chambers.

The optimised thickness of the metering eddy currents are minimised so a high measurement accuracy of +/-0.2 per cent can be achieved.

The tube is high-pressure stable and made of cast aluminum with a coating of Rilsan, which is approved for potable water.

The Waterflux 3070 is superior to mechanical water meters in terms of pressure loss and long-term stability.

For large diameters it offers a price advantage compared to the lifetime cost of mechanical meters that require filters and flow conditioners as well as maintenance and cleaning.

The long battery life is due to the sensor design and the low power consumption of the components within the counter.

The power consumption is lower by a factor of 5000 compared to a conventional electromagnetic flowmeter.

A Data Logger and GSM transmitter as a compact module are available.

The Data Logger stores all data, including peak flow and low flow during the night.

This information is then transmitted by the GSM network to the nearest radio mast and from there via satellite to a server that the user can access.

As well as providing accurate flow measurement, the Waterflux 3070 can indicate the charge conditions of the battery as well as the draining of the tube.

The Waterflux 3070 is available in sizes from DN 25 to DN 600 and meets the requirements for custody transfer according to OIML R-49 and MI-001.

For those industries where there is mains power at hand the meter can be used in combination with the IFC 100 and IFC 300 signal converters.

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