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Glenrothes-based precision manufacturing subcontract specialist, KSW Engineering, has recently invested in a large-capacity Doosan horizontal boring machine, supplied by Mills CNC.

The machine, a DB 130CX, was installed at KSW’s facility in 2008.

The horizontal boring machine is the third Doosan machine purchased by KSW in recent years – the previous two machines being a Puma 700LM and a Puma 600.

KSW specialises in the manufacture of large, heavy components for the aerospace, marine, and oil and gas sectors.

Approximately 85 per cent of the company’s turnover derives from the global oil and gas sector with a significant proportion of its business being export led.

The company has built a reputation for its manufacturing quality and on-time delivery and makes regular strategic investments in advanced machine tool technologies to maintain its position.

Stewart Wilson, KSW’s managing director, said: ‘On our boring machines, we manufacture parts up to 15 tonnes in weight and to a cube capacity of 2300mm.

‘On our large capacity lathes we again can manufacture parts up to 15 tonnes in weight, and 63in diameter – 48in over slide – and up to 315in in length, dependent on component type.

‘In addition, all machines are kitted with steadies, which can handle up to 1220mm diameter and a full range of anti-vibration bars, up to 2900mm long.

‘Components, such as well-head housings, hangers, valves and seals, are manufactured from a variety of hard and difficult-to-machine materials, mainly carbon steels and nickel alloys, with features such as bores, threads and so on machined to tight tolerances – +/-12 micron – and high surface finishes,’ he added.

Such a tough production environment means that KSW demands a great deal from its machine tools in terms of performance, productivity and reliability.

This is why an investment in the Doosan DB 130CX horizontal boring machine was made.

‘Our decision to purchase the Doosan machine was based on a number of factors – namely availability, performance and price,’ said Wilson.

‘The DB 130CX could be delivered and installed within three months of us placing our order,’ he added.

Another critical issue favouring the selection of the DB 130CX was its performance, in particular the machine’s high-accuracy volumetric removal capability, machining versatility and process reliability.

The travelling-column machine is equipped with large X, Y and Z-axis travels (4000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm), all fitted with linear scales to optimise accuracy.

The machine has a powerful, high-torque spindle (25kW, 2500rev/min) with a three-range gearbox for heavy-duty machining and fast removal rates; a 130mm boring spindle and 700mm W-axis for extra reach across the table; a continuous rotary table (B-axis) that can be indexed every 0.001deg; and a fixed-address 60-position tool changer.

The DB 130CX uses specialist tooling – contouring heads and out-facing boring bars – for deep internal bore profiling.

In the future, KSW plans to invest in in-house welding capability (cladding) – an ‘overlay’ process using Inconel to create a wear- and corrosion-resistant durable skin over critical features.

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