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KSW Microtec will present a new generation of prelaminates for e-government, e-payment and access applications at ID World International Congress 2009 in Milan on 3-5 November.

Thinlam, with a thickness down to 280um, enables card manufacturers to produce high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards with more layers.

As it is manufactured without a chip module, it maintains high durability thanks to its patented chip connection technology, achieving tighter resonance frequency tolerances, according to the company.

Thinlam is available on PVC, polycarbonate, PET or Teslin and can also be used for transparent RFID cards thanks to its optical characteristics.

Windspeed, KSW Microtec’s windshield inlay offering customers more accurate, efficient and secure vehicle access into various locations and premises, has a read range of approximately 18ft (5.5m).

It offers a security and tracking solution for commercial fleet operators of cars or trucks, as well as for private vehicle owners who require secure access and safer parking.

The windshield inlay manages access to corporate parking lots, high-security commercial and industrial areas or gated residential communities.

It can be used to control entry and exit gates to automotive services such as toll stations, car rental parks or car washes.

KSW Microtec

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