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Kubota’s M Series and M40 Series of tractors are designed to tackle a wide range of jobs carried out by farmers and contractors.

The latest series of Kubota M40 tractors consists of four models: 63hp, 71hp, 85hp and 95hp.

The tractors feature Kubota’s Tier III compliant, four-cylinder E-CDIS (Centre Direct Injection System) engines.

The two larger models, the M8540 and M9540, are turbo charged.

The high-performance, low-emission engines are claimed to provide high power and efficiency, while minimising noise and vibration levels.

The fuel economy of the engine is maximised by using a 110-litre capacity fuel tank, enabling the tractors to carry out many hours of work without refuelling.

The M108S 108.5hp model incorporates Kubota’s common rail diesel engine, a 32 x 32 gearbox with hydraulic shuttle, on demand 4WD and a host of features such as air conditioning.

The M40 range and M108S are also available with Kubota’s own loader range.

The LA1153 is compatible with the M6040/7040, the LA1353 fits the M8540/9540 and the LA1403 is matched to the M108S.

They are all available with features such as hydraulic self-levelling, third service, Euro 8 quick hitches, hydraulic quick couplers and Kubota’s shockless ride accumulator system.

At 128hp, the M128X model is the largest machine in Kubota’s agricultural line-up.

The M128X has the power to tackle the most demanding jobs and with its Bi-Speed turn offering good manoeuvrability.

An eight-speed powershift transmission provides a total of 16 forward and reverse speeds (Option of 24 x 24).

Its roomy cab offers unobstructed all-round views, a deluxe air-ride seat and ergonomically located operating controls to enhance ease of use and reduce fatigue.

It has an optional instructor’s seat, plus air conditioning as standard.

All M Series machines come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Kubota also offers the option to extend the warranty for up to five years with the Kubota protection plan scheme.

The Kubota RTV900 4WD all-terrain utility vehicle is also suitable for an extensive range of jobs on the farm or estate.

Designed and built on tractor technology, it is powered by a Kubota 22hp three-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, which is easily accessible for servicing.

There are four standard variants to choose from – general purpose, recreational (with camouflage body), worksite and street legal models – all featuring an advanced automotive type suspension, power steering and good ground clearance.

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