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Kumi Solutions has launched a two-tier, sub-contact, component-cleaning service, along with a ‘try before you buy’ offer on its range of Pero washing and degreasing equipment.

Through the sub-contract service, customers can test Pero’s range of aqueous and solvent-based machines on batches of their own work.

Companies can opt for an all-inclusive, door-to-door parts service, or receive a cheaper rate if their work is accompanied by a machine minder to operate the cleaning equipment on site.

Simon Graham, Kumi Solutions’ managing director, said: ‘A further feature of the new service is that if work is supplied in plastic or metal tote bins, we can clean them too using our aqueous degreaser, avoiding the need for customers to supply fresh containers for the return of their cleaned parts.’ With the ability to meet stringent parts cleaning requirements, as well as all international emissions standards, the sub-contract services are particularly suited to manufacturers of precision turned, pressed or stamped components in industries such as aerospace, defence, vehicle manufacture, autosport, electrical components and medical equipment.

All types of metal parts, from thousands of small components to basket-sized items measuring 520 x 380 x 200mm and weighing up to 80kg, can be processed by Kumi to individual customer specifications and traceability requirements.

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