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At its open-house event, on 7 and 8 June 2011, Kumi Solutions is posing a challenge to manufacturing companies across the country.

According to the company, if an engineering company is currently degreasing and cleaning metal components with a solvent-based cleaning system, Kumi will clean the parts quicker and/or better using the latest Pero machines in its showroom.

A solvent degreaser with vacuum drying, the Pero R1 has been designed with a minimal operational footprint but has the equivalent cleaning capacity of machines that are 50 per cent larger.

With a maximum throughput of up to 20 baskets per hour, a basket size of 530 x 320 x 200mm (other sizes are available) and the ability to hold up to 80 kg of parts, the R1 ensures an efficient cleaning process with a substantial return on investment.

The Pero R1 is a fast sealed system, with floor-to-floor times as low as 3min for load – wash – rinse – vapour degrease – vacuum drying – unload.

It is also energy efficient, consuming just 1.15kW per load or 0.03kW/litre of washed component.

It is eco-friendly with minimal solvent usage – as little as 20kg per year – and features low installation and running costs.

Two Pero R1 machines will be running full programme cycle demonstrations – one filled with Safechem’s Neu-tri E trichloroethylene, the other with Dowper MC, Safechem’s perchloroethylene, with both solvent types fully stabilised for aluminium.

A third Pero machine is equipped with Safechem’s Dowclene 1601 a modified alcohol, which is being taken up by the industry as a viable alternative to trichloroethylene.

For companies that require aqueous-based component cleaning, Kumi will be demonstrating the Pero Rotimat 3U – a single-chamber spray washer with wash, rinse and hot air dry.

The Rotimat is a robust cleaning system for arduous conditions.

Prizes include a 64MB Apple Ipod Touch, an Aston Martin or Lamborghini driving experience, a golf and spa mini break or a luxury West End show break.

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