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Kurt’s HDM690 vise enables the precision clamping of very large parts for tool and die and production CNC applications.

Featuring a full 9in jaw opening, the vise clamps larger parts with repeatable 0.0007in accuracy and minimal stationary jaw deflection.

Designed with a rigid stationary jaw, the vise features top-down bolting and a tall body design to reduce deflection.

High-precision roller bearings and a hardened vise screw mechanism enhance precision clamping and guarantee a smooth operation.

The design distributes up to 6,000lbs of clamping force evenly and precisely across the full jaw surface.

Kurt’s Anglock spherical segment in the moveable jaw further reduces jaw lift.

The pull-type body design stabilises stress in the vise body, resulting in the more accurate clamping of all types of parts.

Adding to overall vise rigidity while absorbing machining vibration, Kurt HDM690 vises have 80,000PSI ductile iron bodies with precision-machined components.

Setup features include: stationary jaw bolts down from top; no need to remove from table to disassemble vise; bolting the stationary from the top reduces the stress in the body and will stay flatter after assembly; narrower vise body width allows for more vises in the work envelope; bolts and locates directly on standard grid plates – 40mm, 50mm and 2in; and has quick-change movable jaw.

This HD movable jaw vise platform allows for quick-change jaw capability without wrenching screws, while the optional jaws provide carvability to hold flat or odd-shaped parts.

Additional features include: built-in handle within the stationary jaw provides easy positioning; uses sine keys for alignment; Groovelock jaw and workstop included; adaptable to double-actuating hydraulic operation for use with robotics (with custom parts); and available with optional grid plate and swivel base.

Kurt Manufacturing

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Kurt provides a full line of innovative workholding products, including custom engineered workholding systems, that can be integrated into your current and future machining set-ups. From manual and hydraulic vises to zero-point clamping, Kurt has a workholding system that meets your application’s requirements.

The original Kurt Anglock vises were designed to provide precision part clamping on basic machines. Our line includes CNC vises, five-axes vises, Rotary Table workholding solutions for VMCs and the Toolblox tombstones, providing you with increased versatility at your machining stations.  Precision measuring systems and accessories are also available to complement your Kurt workholding system.

All Kurt products are original equipment, ensuring their strength, precision, and durability. We offer a lifetime iron-clad warranty on our products.  Contact us today to learn more about how our equipment can benefit your machining and reduce set-up times. 

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