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KW-Software presented an updated version of the Multiprog IEC 61131-3 programming system at SPS/IPC/Drives 2008.

Multiprog 5.0 offers a revised user interface, with floating windows, auto-hide, drag and drop functions and various selectable layouts.

The graphical editor for programming in FBD/Ladder/SFC combines free graphical editing with enhanced auto-routing and auto-placement as well as optimised keyboard operation.

The automatic project generation supports the PLCopen XML format.

PLC projects can now, for example, be created from Matlab Simulink.

KW-Software’s FDT-Container, part of the .NET connected Automation Framework, implements field bus integration.

A simulation user interface allows extended application tests, including time response tests, shortening the commissioning of a PLC program.

Multiprog v5.0 is fully compatible with Multiprog v4.0.

The Proconos runtime system includes Visual Studio C# programming, single chip support and download changes, offering the ability to improve existing control systems.

The Multiprog 5.0 OEM includes German and English user interface languages.

French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese user interfaces will be available in April 2009.

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