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Lenze has brought out the L-force geared motors, which meet the efficiency levels required by the IEC 60034-30 regulation.

The L-force range covers helical, shaft-mounted helical, bevel, helical bevel and helical worm design in powers up to 45kW.

A wide range of modular options such as brakes, blowers and encoders are easily available.

Many thousands of models with output torques from 2N to 14,000Nm are ready for orders and an easy changeover from IE1 to IE2 motor is possible.

The new efficiency level IE2 represents an efficiency gain of two to three per cent over the lower level of IE1.

These new Lenze motors have efficiencies of 80 to 92 per cent.

Costs are higher because the motor construction requires more copper, but on a 2.2kW geared motor, the extra cost for IE2 typically represents an increase of less than 10 per cent.

Furthermore, although the efficiency gain from changing to IE2 is small, the payback times are short.

In the case of a 2.2kW geared motor, the gain is 2.3 per cent and the payback is around 5,000 running hours.

For reasons of compact dimensions and low costs, Lenze uses AC motors integrated into the gearbox casing.

Output torques and speeds are offered at 50Hz; 60Hz for America; and 87Hz, a frequency that gives increased power and dynamics with the possibility of purchase-cost reductions.

Changing to IE2 causes small changes in the electrical data (lower running currents and higher starting currents) and also the rated motor speed.

In some cases, dimensions may change, although Lenze has successfully minimised the change, with only two powers requiring a step up in frame sizes.

Data in the same format is available for both IE1 and IE2 motors so comparison and changeover are easy.

L-force geared motors have standard options that cover most requirements.

These include a choice of brakes, blowers, incremental and absolute encoders, handwheels, rain covers and terminal box mounted inverters.

Surface protection is also available for outside use and for cold areas with condensation.

Geared motor-delivery times are typically two to four weeks and urgent requirements for fast deliveries can usually be met.

L-force geared motors give designers a choice between standard IE1 and high efficiency IE2 geared motors.

They can be combined with high efficiency gearboxes so that a motor efficiency of 92 per cent can be matched to a gearbox with efficiency of 97 per cent, making a truly energy-efficient drive.

A full range of gearbox and motor options are ready for delivery.

With gearboxes already matched to the IEC performance of the motor, designers have a simpler task to select the optimum geared motor.

With 40 years' experience, Lenze Ltd are specialists in drive and automation equipment for the UK market. Today Lenze employ 60 people and operate with management systems approved to ISO 9001:2008.

Experience and expertise

The engineering comes first. With almost 50 per cent of our staff being qualified engineers, the right-sized technical solution to your problem is our goal. Our vision of right sizing means to work with you in order to achieve the optimum solution in terms of cost and performance.

The complete drive system  

Our products fit together to make the complete drive and automation system. Lenze products include automation, controllers, servos, inverters and geared motors. Our Techdrives division adds essential drive components such as couplings, actuators and locking bushes to complete your design.  

Worldwide, we are there to help you

Lenze companies are in 29 countries and have sales offices in a further 24. Full product information is available on our website and the international helpline makes it easy to contact us.

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