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Compair has introduced the L07-L11 range of 7-11kW oil-lubricated screw compressors.

The L07-L11 range delivers high reliability with low service and installation costs.

The machines are ideal for smaller production processes that require a dependable and constant source of high-quality air.

Compair has integrated as many components into the air end of the compressor as possible.

As a result, there are only three hoses and fewer separate parts to maintain.

This helps to improve overall machine reliability and reduces the length of time that the compressor is off-line during routine servicing, for better productivity.

Low oil carryover and moisture content also ensure that the range delivers high-quality air at all times, helping to safeguard production integrity.

Traditionally, other compressors in this power range are offered with a 12-month standard warranty, which can lead to expensive parts and service costs during the lifetime of the machine.

In addition, service intervals can start from as little as 1,500 hours, meaning the operator has to schedule in the cost and downtime of maintenance on a regular basis.

In comparison, the new L07-L11 range is offered with Compair’s free Assure extended-warranty programme, a scheme based on the number of compressor operating hours, for up to 24,000 hours per machine.

In practice, this means that an operator running a compressor for 40 hours per week, equating to an average of 2,000 per year, could receive a 12-year parts warranty, free of charge.

Compared with other compressors in this class, the L07-L11 range offers extended service schedules up to 4,000 hours.

By reducing the frequency of routine maintenance, machine availability is improved and the requirement for oil changes reduced, enabling operators to save on maintenance and disposal costs.

The new design offers easy access for faster routine maintenance, helping to reduce the time that the compressor needs to be out of service.

In addition, because the new range features a simpler design with fewer components, service times are reduced.

The new air-cooled compressors are available as standalone machines or fully integrated Airstations to suit the application, offering pressures of 7.5, 10 and 13 bar.

When installed as an Airstation, the separate components are mounted on to the receiver, saving up to 55 per cent floor space and helping to further reduce installation costs.

The two Airstations, the L07FS and the L11FS, include a refrigeration dryer with 3C pressure dew point and a 270-litre air receiver.

With a small footprint of just 0.42m2, the compressor range has a footprint of just 0.42m2, allowing it to fit through a standard-width doorframe.

This means it can be easily installed in the most convenient location for the operator – whether in an existing application where space is often at a premium or at a new site.

In particular, because the compressors are smaller and easy to move, they can be sited at the point of use rather than outside the main production area, helping to improve site security.

The new range features the Delcos Pro controller to provide a range of management features to suit the application.

These can range from a simple level of control – using for example the real-time clock, which can start or stop the compressor at preset times – to more in-depth control of parameters such as error logs, interface to external devices and software upgrades.

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