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Radleys has developed the Reactor-Ready lab reactor to accelerate process optimisation in busy process development labs.

Researchers at a US pharmaceutical company have recently invested in Reactor-Ready for use in their chemical development lab.

The process R+D group, specialising in small molecule research, is using Reactor-Ready for optimising new or existing chemistry, identifying and eliminating impurities and screening processing variables for transfer to kilo-labs, pilot plant and manufacturing sites.

Commenting on their existing methods, the lead scientist said: ‘We use round-bottom flasks, but temperature control via mantles or oil baths is poor.

‘Alternatively, when we use traditional jacketed reactor vessels, we need a different setup for every scale change.

‘Even changing a reactor of the same size takes ages.

‘Reactor-Ready makes it easy to change reactors,’ he added.

One stand fits all sizes up to five litres and overhead stirring is provided on all scales.

Vacuum jacketed vessels provide excellent temperature control with minimum heat loss, which is an advantage at low temperatures.

‘The first time I changed vessels it took about five minutes, but now I can change them in less than two minutes,’ said the scientist.

‘That includes removing and attaching the heating fluid hoses.

‘Occasionally I lose a drop or two of heat transfer fluid, but most of the time I don’t lose any.

‘I get better control of my reactions and I can vary my work or scale immediately,’ he added.

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