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Hach Lange’s new automated laboratory robot, the AP3800, enables the unattended multiple parameter analysis of up to 24 samples.

The AP3800 performs analyses with a DR3800 spectrophotometer.

‘Laboratories around the world are under great pressure to reduce costs and lower analysis times, and the AP3800 has been developed to meet both of these needs, while also freeing up time for analytical staff to perform other work,’ said Geoff King, the company’s laboratory manager.

The AP3800 controls the entire analytical process, from sample preparation to measurement to the reporting of results, even when a digestion step is needed.

Supplied with easy-to-use software, the system includes a time management system that calculates fast, efficient sample sequences, even when multiple parameters are being tested and when new samples are introduced after a procedure has commenced.

Capable of barcode recognition, the spectrophotometer automatically conducts the correct tests from a library of around 230 methods.

However, while the method directory can be extended to meet specific needs, the basic version of the AP3800 is pre-programmed for chemical oxygen demand, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonium, nitrate and nitrite.

By automating all labour-intensive steps, such as dilution, reagent addition, mixing and digestion, the AP3800 is an automated option for both simple and complex chemistries.

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