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Labcell has introduced the Meriam M2110 series smart gauge, a general-purpose gauge for measuring pressure, flow or level that is suitable for use in applications such as measuring air-intake flow rates and pressures in engine dynamometer test cells, during automotive production.

This instrument features a fully compensated Embedded Pressure Instrument (EPI) that is claimed to provide an accurate and fully characterised digital output with fast response.

Pressure ranges are available for reading differential, gauge, compound gauge and absolute pressure, to suit a variety of gases and liquids.

For simple incorporation into process control and data acquisition systems, there are options for panel-mounting, pipe-mounting or for benchtop use, as well as for battery, 24VDC or AC power supply.

Key features

  • Measures pressures up to 3,000PSIG depending on model
  • Within a 1/4 DIN aluminium enclosure with an epoxy finish
  • 4.5-digit LCD with 15.24mm-high digits and LED backlighting
  • Adjustable damping with a user-selectable time constant from 0.1–50sec
  • RS232 communications
  • AC units have SPDT relays and 24VDC units have 4–20mA output
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +50C
  • NIST-traceable accuracy: /-0.05 per cent of full scale for all models

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