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Graphic Products has revealed that it now offers more than 50 types of Duralabel industrial labelling supplies for workplace safety applications.

The company defines ‘types of supplies’ by the physical properties of labelling materials being printed on using Duralabel thermal transfer printers.

In other words, what makes up ‘supply types’ are the differences in adhesives a particular label supply possesses that allow its application to specific surfaces, or the characteristics of a label material that allow its application in certain environments.

Many Duralabel supply tapes and die-cuts are engineered to adhere to surfaces relative to their ‘surface energy’, which is used to describe the level of ability a surface provides for label and sign adhesion.

Some label adhesives apply best to high-energy surfaces such as warm plastics or metals frequently found in laboratories or hospitals.

Other label supplies apply best to surfaces of ‘low energy’, such as brick, stone, wood or certain fabrics frequently found around construction sites or warehouses.

The following labelling tapes and die-cut labels are among the more than 50 types of labelling supplies offered by Graphic Products: Arc Flash Labels; NFPA Labels; Laminated RTK Colour Bar Labels; GHS Labels; Metallised Poly Tapes; Nylon Label Tapes; Premium Vinyl Tapes; Circuit Board Polyimide Tapes; Oily Surface Tapes; Cold Storage Tapes; Extreme High-Temp Poly Tapes; Tamper-Evident Destructible Tapes; Self-Laminating Wire Wraps; Duratag (Tag Stock); Shrink Tubing; Magnetic Supply; Static Cling Supply.

Recently introduced Duralabel supplies include Boldglo Phosphorescent Tapes, Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tapes, and Marine Label Tapes Graphic Products creates new labelling materials aimed at extending label life in both mild and harsh environmental conditions.

Each new label supply is subjected to numerous tests in the Graphic Products testing laboratory so as to meet or exceeds industry standards.

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