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Central Profiles Laser Cutting has experienced material and labour savings through CAM and nesting upgrades from Jetcam.

Central Profiles, based in Kidderminster, provides sheet metal subcontract services using its three Bystronic lasers.

When the company was founded in 2000, Russell Flory, managing director of Central Profiles, investigated two CAM systems, one of which was Jetcam.

He said: ‘At the time we were renting machine capacity but due to business demands we bought our own machine and needed something to run it.

‘I looked at two systems, one of which was in the running as it was well-known.

‘In the end I took the recommendation of another user and went with Jetcam because they said it was easier to use.’ Jetcam Expert with free-form nesting was installed in 2000.

Since the company’s formation it has been proactive in upgrading its technology, initially starting with a Mazak laser, followed by another in 2001.

In 2002 it purchased a second seat of Jetcam, and in 2004 it replaced one with a Bystronic laser and has since rotated its other machines to leave them with the current three Bystronics.

At each stage Central Profiles only needed to purchase a post-processor or modify any existing post to start using the new machine.

In 2003, a competing CAM company offered Central Profiles a system at a knockdown price.

Always interested to see if the company could make further savings, Russell decided to try it.

He said: ‘We were offered the software for GBP500, so it was worth a go, however despite training it was just too complex to use and the programmers just went back to using Jetcam.’ Russell attended the MACH show in April 2008, stopping by Jetcam distributor Press and Shear’s booth.

He said: ‘I only stopped to say hello; however when Press and Shear demonstrated Jetcam Orders Controller and high-performance nesting, I could see that we could make some major savings.’ Central Profiles upgraded one seat to high-performance nesting and installed Jetcam Orders Controller (JOC) on the shop floor.

Immediately, programming time was reduced.

Flory said: ‘I wanted more than just being able to pick parts to order.

‘JOC isn’t technical – it’s easy to use.

‘We just import a CSV file containing all of our orders, which populates Jetcam’s materials and orders databases, which can then be automatically nested.

‘We were able to reduce staff from two to one, freeing up resources to be deployed elsewhere.’ Once the parts have been nested, JOC is updated to reflect the completed nests and number of parts nested.

Filler parts can also be added for frequently cut parts to fill additional space that would otherwise be scrapped.

High-performance nesting also delivered benefits, saving on average four per cent compared with previous best nests.

Central Profiles has received several beneficial software updates through its maintenance contract.

It often cuts parts on thick material, with one particular small part cut on 10mm steel.

Flory said: ‘We fit 1100 of these on a single sheet, and the heat build-up would be colossal, but with Jetcam’s heat avoidance we can fill a sheet and it will not cut over an area again until it has sufficiently cooled.

‘Even the lead-in is taken into consideration.

‘With this update we can now leave jobs like this running unmanned.’ The company also has three Amada press brakes, and uses Solidworks to design parts, also storing bend information.

With the Jetcam Solidworks import filter Central Profiles can import native Solidworks files into Jetcam for nesting and use the same files with bend information for the press brakes.

Flory was satisfied with the latest upgrade and sees Jetcam as an integral part of the business.

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