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Lafert will demonstrate its IP66 Marlin stainless motors, which are hose-down tolerant and corrosion-proof, at the PPMA show, held from 29 September to 1 October at the NEC.

It will also demonstrate its single phase, brake and custom-engineered motors.

Lafert’s Marlin stainless-steel AC motors are IEC-dimensioned, smooth-bodied machines that can be supplied with compatible stainless-steel gearboxes.

Applications cover all those that require motors in hygiene-sensitive processes.

As well as the food and drink industries, Marlin stainless-steel motors are ideal for the pharmaceutical, processing and chemical industries – finishes can be to 0.5RA.

Marlin motors minimise costly downtime – for strip-down cleaning or motor failure – and help avoid frequent motor-replacement costs.

Because the motors are stainless steel there is no risk of contamination from rust or peeling paint, while their smooth bodies promote maximum cleanliness due to there being no crevices for potential build-up of residual matter: even the name-plate data is etched into the motor body.

Power ratings from 0.18 to 7.5kW are available in frame sizes up to 132 as TEFC machines.

Smaller units (up to 0.75kW) are also available from 63 frame size as TENV machines.

Lafert Electric Motors

Experience, flexibility, consideration for tradition and the courage to introduce innovations. These are the features that allow Lafert Motors to meet its customers highest standards and to maintain its leadership in the customised solution sector.

Lafert Motors is the mastermind of the Lafert Group. It defines production activities and business strategies, while an international sales network ensures immediate response for customised products.

The Company manufactures three-phase and single-phase asynchronous electric motors and brake motors, designed for different applications and all industrial environments.

The new high-performance motors are one of the most interesting innovations. A perfect mixture between the product technology of the permanent magnet motor and the process technology of the asynchronous motor, which results in an unbeatable balance of performance, high efficiency and competitive costs.

Marlin Stainless Steel Motors will help you to reduce down time for cleaning, maintenance and repair. Marlin motors and gearboxes are:

  • Wash-down tolerant

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Easy cleaning

  • Has no flaking paint

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