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A Scottish Water drinking water treatment works is applying lamella technology from Hydro International to improve the clarity of mains supplies.

As part of the upgrade to the treatment works situated below the Coulter reservoir, Biwater Leslie selected lamella units from Hydro International as a compact solution to provide a final polishing process.

Mark Gallagher, process engineer at Biwater, said: ‘The Hydro lamella units provide an effective and efficient technique for removing the finest suspended matter.

‘Even with a maximum design throughput of 50m3/hour, the units are compact, which is ideal for a refurbishment project fitting into an existing site.’
The Coulter water treatment plant is supplied by raw water from Coulter reservoir and Cowgill Upper and Lower Reservoirs outside the Scottish Borders town of Biggar.

Water from these hill reservoirs typically carries suspended fine organic solids and can look brown-tinged and peaty.

In the upgraded process, the incoming water is treated with flocculant and goes into primary clarification, again treated with flocculant and then passed through secondary filtration.

The treated water is discharged as potable water, while the sludge washed from these treatments is passed through the Hydro lamella units for further settlement and compaction.

The resultant clean water is returned to the head of the clarification process, while sludge is removed from site for disposal.

Hydro International

Hydro International is a market-leading provider of products and solutions to control the quantity and improve the quality of water with minimal maintenance.

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Hydro International’s Stormwater Division delivers sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for water management with minimal land-take. All Stormwater products have no moving parts, no power requirements, a small footprint and low maintenance requirements.

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Hydro’s treatment systems cover an extensive range of water and wastewater management solutions including grit removal, sludge scraper systems, primary and washwater clarification, aeration, sand filtration, sludge screening and transportation and Combined Sewer Overflows.

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