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The full range of digital rheometers and viscometers from Lamy Rheology has been launched in the UK by Merrow Scientific.

The laboratory instruments use springless torque measurement technology, enabling them to offer a wide measurement range, high repeatability, easier setup and reduced maintenance.

A broad range of instruments are available, from simple viscometers designed to meet standard tests to universal laboratory viscometers without temperature control, through to more complex cone and plate rheometers with peltier temperature control.

The systems are designed to meet ISO/DIN/ASTM standards, but can be adapted for application development.

A PT100 temperature probe is incorporated as standard in all models, including entry-level instruments.

The RM100 viscometer offers a wide torque measurement range from 0.05mNm to 30mNm, which would require three separate instruments from competing manufacturers.

The Lamy range includes the RM100i industrial viscometer for real-time acquisition of product viscosity and temperature for at-line measurements.

A 4-20mA output is included, together with USB and serial ports.

Application sectors for the range include food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, coatings, inks, petrochemicals and automotive industries.

They can also be used in the construction industry for measuring the consistency of mortar, concrete and mastic, for example.

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