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Lancer has announced that it offers side-loading forklift trucks and specialist handling solutions.

The side-loading design is particularly suitable for long, horizontal and awkward loads within the steel, piping, timber and window industries, for example.

The company claims that it maximises storage capacity in any given space and situation and ensures optimum safety for the operator, the load and the equipment.

All of Lancer’s trucks can cope with handling long loads inside, outside, on uneven ground and gradients and over long distances.

Capacities range from 2 tons to 35 tons and cover two main formats – the electric four-way side loader and the internal combustion (IC) four-way side loader.

The electric version, which is said to be environment and energy friendly, solves all materials handling tasks.

The four individual model ranges and a full choice of optional equipment enable the side loader to fit any application.

The company’s flexible IC-version four-way side loader can be a conventional forklift, a side loader or a multi-way forklift.

The Multilift concept can be customised for special applications thanks to a variety of attachments for more efficient, safe and comfortable workloads.

Standard features of all Lancer trucks include: multi-purpose lighting; anti-slip water-resistant panels; wide comfortable cabins with adjustable seats and tinted safety glass; armoured roofs plus protective grills; variable temperature and wiper controls; height-adjustable steering incorporating operating functions; and pre-controlled hydraulics with joystick operation.

Lancer Sideloaders

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