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Lanner Group has completed a project for energy supplier Gazprom as it prepares to execute Phase 1 of the Shtokman liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in the Russian Arctic region.

Gazprom, the majority owner in the Shtokman Development joint venture, appointed Lanner as its simulation partner to support preparations ahead of the start of Shtokman Phase 1 programme.

The complexities presented by Shtokman’s location, harsh weather conditions and remote location meant that Gazprom and its Phase 1 partners, Total of France, and Norway’s Statoil needed to plan prudently for the future operation of the field.

Lanner consultants were tasked to develop a detailed simulation of proposed operations, including a range of variables, such as weather, shipping options potential equipment downtime.

The resulting simulation model was tailored to allow Gazprom to rigorously assess the specific challenges associated with the location of the Shtokman field and peculiarities of upstream complex performance.

Conditions in the Arctic can be harsh and needed to be fully taken into account, including relevant weather data for all routes that ships might take.

The model also provided answers to questions such as what fleet configuration would be most logistically effective for various marketing scenarios and what would also be used to test the reliability of the supply chain and to gauge potential risks.

It also captured detailed research on the performance of upstream equipment.

Lanner’s Shtokman model covered LNG plant and gas-production performance.

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