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Lantek has developed Lantek Expert II for sheet metal/profile cutting and punching and Lantek Expert III for business process management at Terclima, Lecitrailer and Aceros Morales.

With these solutions, the company aims to optimise manufacturing processes and all processes connected with managing day-to-day work.

Lantek Terclima, a company specialising in the air conditioning sector, began a project for modernising its software infrastructure with the dual aim of making full use of its machinery and having overall control of its production processes, alongside a view to meeting the needs of different customers, both domestic and commercial/industrial.

Terclima has installed several modules from the Lantek Expert II range, including Lantek CAD 2D, WOS and Lantek Expert Duct, enabling it to quickly design and automatically generate metal-forming figures for the creation of ventilation and aeration ducts.

In addition to these modules, the company has also installed the Manufacturing, Warehouse, Product, Purchasing, Sales and Offers modules from the Lantek Expert III range to obtain overall control of its production processes and to facilitate management of tasks connected with purchases, offers and sales.

Lecitrailer, a Spanish automotive sector company, has utilised Lantek products for the manufacture of semi-trailers and a reference brand on the European market.

The company has embarked on an expansion process, including the renewal of its technological infrastructure with the aim of modernising its automated production lines.

To do this, it has applied the Lantek Expert Cut CAD/CAM system to its Prima machines to optimise its laser sheet metal cutting processes, while also simplifying machine handling, as the user now only has to follow the steps indicated by the software.

The system has also allowed the company to obtain savings in time and materials.

Aceros Morales, an outsourcing sector company catering for the naval sector, public works, agricultural and construction machinery and the steel-related machinery market, has implemented the Lantek Expert II solution and the WOS, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Purchasing, Offers and Sales modules of the Lantek Expert III management software.

This solution will enable the company to perform integrated management of all of its key processes.

Aceros Morales now offers its services on the basis of real costs calculated by the Lantek Expert III modules.

This has improved management processes and Aceros is now able to carry out real-time control of all the production work, while quickly responding to customer needs.

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