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Lantek, a developer of CAD/CAM and ERP, has released the new version of its sheet-metal and profile cutting and punching software, Lantek Expert 2011, designed to optimise manufacturing performance.

The enhancements in Lantek Expert 2011 provide both operational and technical improvements, offering an ergonomic and flexible interface with easy-to-use and comprehensive design and machining capabilities.

According to Lantek, the software is significantly faster and more powerful than previous versions.

Targeted to simplify programming, it includes new productivity tools designed to enable users to make savings in material, time and cost.

Lantek Expert 2011 introduces a range of new features while integrating with all the other Lantek products.

A customised interface allows users to create tailor-made menus and combine them with existing menus.

Simultaneous view of the machining operations enables programmers to quickly go to any step in the machining process while viewing the cutting instruction and its graphic representation.

This makes editing, deleting and viewing simpler.

Management of sets of parts allows parts to be grouped together in a kit, making it easy to release sets of parts to production.

Nesting data can be configured according to material and thickness, optimising material utilisation.

The View Geometry function has been enhanced by the ability to carry out calculations and by allowing geometrical elements to be graphically and interactively edited or deleted, serving to speed up programming tasks.

Automatic file saving of individual part geometry from a composite CAD file makes it easy to extract individual parts from a geometry file that contains several components.

Extra information, such as thickness and material, can also be saved, completely defining the part to be produced.

The new parts list filter allows users to see only parts that have a production requirement, filtering out all the other components.

The punch gallery has been developed to provide quicker and more intuitive tool selection.

Instruction macros can be used to create a macro for executing chains of instructions, allowing repetitive processes to be performed with just one mouse click.

New machine configurations enable multiple cutting and punching technologies to be defined for each machine, eliminating duplicate machine definitions.

The new software also allows the restriction of common line cutting to particular components, giving users more control over manufacturing methodology.

Handling of off-cut material is improved in the 2011 version.

It now considers the machine technology, including cutting and clamping zones, and can determine the minimum size of an off-cut according to its material and thickness.

Different punch types can be viewed in different colours, as can forming tools and working areas, making it easier to see and understand the cutting process.

Documents for shop floor use can now be printed from inside the CAM software and options for the information included have been increased, simplifying and facilitating programming and manufacture.

Extra improvements include bringing together drilling, threading and countersinking into one simple operation; full turret management; and the implementation of common line cutting on combination machines.

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