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Lapp has custom-developed cables for wiring painting-robots for Stuttgart-based paint-system manufacturer Durr.

This involved performing torsion and bending tests in Lapp’s in-house test laboratory.

To guarantee perfect functionality, customer-specific test adapters were produced and used.

Durr’s painting systems use cables that withstand extremely high bending and torsion cycles (+/- 600 degrees per metre / 10-million cycles) and are flame retardant and oil resistant.

The conductors are made of ultra-fine copper braids with high quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) compound insulation.

Teflon films keep the friction between the different elements to a minimum.

The special cables also employ special stranding techniques and use high-quality polyurethane for the outer sheath.

In the case of the Durr painting systems, there are nine different special robot cables, from BUS lines to sensor leads to servo-motor and feedback cables.

Lapp develops robot cables in close consultation with the customer and all requirements in terms of cross-sections, movement and the surrounding location are incorporated into the development process.

A prototype cable is normally developed first and then tested in every detail.

In the case of Durr, the first prototypes were produced in just three weeks.

After a successful trial period of several weeks, the cables were approved for series production.

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