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TM Robotics (Europe) has launched the Toshiba Machine TH1200A SCARA robot, designed for heavy-duty pick-and-place applications such as packaging and handling, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

As the largest robot in the Toshiba Machine range, the TH1200A has a payload of 20kg and an arm length of 1,200mm, meaning it can handle heavy materials with ease.

Repeatability on the Z-axis is +/-0.02mm and, as a result, the robot’s recurring accuracy can compete with much smaller machines.

A composite maximum speed of 7.9m/s is sufficient for most large handling applications, as is a typical cycle time of 0.57 seconds.

Absolute encoder positioning detection helps ensure that accuracy is maintained throughout the cycle.

The robot is controlled by the Toshiba Machine TS3100 controller, which features a built-in Ethernet port, making conveyor and vision synchronisation simple.

This presents the opportunity to reduce capital expenditure on the robot cell by sharing vision from a single camera across multiple robots.

Another advantage is that the resultantly synchronised automation can reduce damage rate on the line, further increasing profitability.

The TS1300 controller also includes a built-in TCmini PLC that allows control of I/O equipment regardless of operation and program.

This creates the opportunity to turn the robot into the control centre of the entire cell.

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