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A major corn producer in the US has chosen Larox LPP-M pumps to replace electric diaphragm pumps for pumping 12.5 per cent bleach in the industrial boiler cleaning process.

The Larox LPP-M was chosen due to its overall reliability and accurate dosing.

Cleaning products, such as bleach, are an important part of an industrial boiler with regards to maintenance and operation.

Without proper dosing of the bleach into the makeup water, which is then fed into the feed water, the efficiency of the boiler will be reduced.

Plus, the heat transfer capability of the boiler will be decreased due to the impurities in the water.

Previously, the customer was using individual diaphragm pumps for controlling the bleach flow, but was not satisfied due to the inconsistent dosage control.

More importantly, the pump was not able to provide reliable operation.

The disturbances included vapour lock, losing prime from sitting idle, or gasses building up in the heads preventing the valves from not working properly.

The LPP-M pump does not need degassing valves or check balls to function properly; the squeezing action of the tube to push the chemicals forward is enough.

Since the installation of the LPP-M pumps, the customer has experienced continuous operation without interruptions, as well as accurate dosing of the bleach, leading to decreased chemical consumption.

Larox Flowsys Pumps and Valves Take Flow Control Technology to New Heights.

Larox Flowsys is the preferred supplier of industrial valves and pumps. They focus on abrasive, corrosive and other demanding shut-off, control and pumping applications serving a wide range of process industries worldwide. Their solutions offer substantial savings through improved performance, longer service lifetime and lower maintenance costs.

With decades of experience in flow control and elastomer technology, Larox Flowsys is at the forefront in addressing customer needs and making customers’ processes more competitive. Larox Flowsys valve and pump solutions have proven their suitability for a wide range of industries and applications. They work in partnership with clients to specify, design and deliver the optimal solution.

Larox Valve and Pump Products Include: Automatic Pinch Valves, Manual Pinch Valves, PVEG Valves, Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valves, Valve Sleeves and Peristaltic Pumps for Transferring Duties (LPP-T), for Dosing Duties (LPP-D) and for Accurate Metering (LPP-M).

LArox Flowsys has recently alunched a new series of progressive cavity pumps to supplement its peristaltic pump family. Larox Progressive Cavity pumps are engineered for the most demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping applications. Due to pump’s unique features and patented design, high efficiency and high pressure are acheived in a shorter construction.

Larox Flowsys’ international sales and service network covers over 55 countries. More than 600 qualified manufacturer’s representatives provide service you can count on. Larox Flowsys was the first pinch valve manufacturer in the world to get awarded the ISO9001:2000 Quality Certificate in 1997.

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