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Laser Components is offering a range of hermetic feedthroughs with standard FC or SMA interfaces.

FC interfaces are used for single-mode or graded index multimode fibre, while SMA interfaces are utilised for large-core hard-clad silica fibres or all-silica and silica fibres with polyimide coatings.

These small-diameter fibres require high precision, which is obtained by ceramic ferrule centre parts. A large flange allows the integration of two O-ring gaskets for external hermeticity.

Further information

  • Connectable hermetic feedthoughs do inherently induce insertion losses, ruling them out of some applications where photon budget is tight.
  • In this case, feedthroughs without fibre discontinuity are to be considered — these are known as monolithic fibre feedthroughs.
  • Depending on the level of hermeticity required, the sealing of the fibre will be different; for hermeticity up to 10-2 the sealing will be made on the fibre coating and for hermeticity up to 10-8 or even 10-9 the sealing will be made on the silica cladding or on the polyimide.

Laser Components

The Laser Components Group was formed in 1986 and is located at six locations in Germany, France, UK, Canada and USA, employing more than 120 people worldwide. In-house production accounts for approximately half its turnover, with partner suppliers accounting for all other business.

Laser Components manufactures and supplies components, OEM modules, sources, optics and detectors, spanning the UV to the FIR. 

Products include:  

  • Photodiodes, including avalanche photodiodes, position sensitive detectors and PIN diodes
  • IR components, including IR detectors, IR emitters and optical components for IR
  • Single photon-counting modules, including accessories and silicon avalanche photodiodes for photon counting
  • Lasers, including laser diodes, laser modules and emitters for telecommunication
  • Measurement devices, including amplifiers, laser power detectors, and measurement instruments
  • Fibre optics, including optical fibres, assembled fibres, active and passive components and accessories
  • Optics, including laser optics, optical filters, optomechanical components, optical components and polarisers
  • Laser accessories, including laser safety products and spare parts and accessories
  • E-beam (physical vapour deposition) ion-assisted deposition and sputtering coating capabilities to the standard catalogue or customer-specific specifications.  

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