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Laser Design has announced that Schneider Electric recently installed a Laser Design Faro arm laser scanning system in its Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility.

The system will be used for verifying plastic injection mould tooling prior to production runs.

A repeat customer for Laser Design’s high-precision laser scanning systems, Schneider Electric said it has realised increased productivity and better quality products as a result.

‘Our relationship with Schneider is ongoing in many of its international facilities,’ explained C Martin Schuster, president and chief executive of Laser Design.

‘Our portable Faro arm system will provide the Schneider Plants in the US with the versatility of high-speed and high-accuracy portable scanning.

‘It can be moved around to any of the production facilities to provide quick inspection and verification of whatever part is about to be manufactured,’ he added.

The Laser Design Faro arm scanning system reduces Schneider’s inspection time and raises accuracies to improve its ‘Ready to Run’ check-out process.

The portable Faro arm is teamed with the Laser Design SLP-500 laser-line scanning probe, which suits the complex profile contour scanning typical of plastic injection-moulded part geometries.

The high-speed, high-accuracy, non-contact 3D laser probe captures up to 144,000 points per second.

The SLP probe line features digital (ASCII) coordinate output, a visible beam, a Class II rating for safe operations and a long standoff to prevent crashes during part scanning.

Its large measurement range, enhanced specularity performance and automatic adjustments for surface colour and finish are claimed to ensure excellent results.

Dual CMOS receptors featuring simultaneous scanning assist with steep sidewall and recessed geometry capture.

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