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The Keyence LK-G5000 Laser Displacement Sensor for inline applications provides a 392kHz sampling rate that is said to be eight times faster than previous models.

Featuring a newly developed RS-CMOS sensor, it offers +/-0.02 per cent full-scale linearity and 0.005um repeatability.

More compact than previous models, it mounts easily in tight production environments where space is limited.

New technology in the LK-G5000 stably captures displacement of moving or rotating targets with high linearity.

The Keyence ABLE (Active Balanced Laser Control Engine) control is now even more powerful, intelligently optimising sensor performance by balancing laser emission time, laser power and gain.

ABLE II has a high-speed tracking ability that is said to be eight times faster than conventional models.

Dual-port data transfer, using a quad-speed clock, also enables pixel data to be transferred eight times faster than conventional models, thus simultaneously achieving high speed and high resolution.

A newly developed HDE (High Definition Ernostar) lens, together with twice the pixel resolution, produces highly defined received light wave patterns.

Three selectable built-in algorithms improve the application-solving potential.

A translucent object can cause a diffuse reflection beneath the surface when the laser beam penetrates inside the object and the received light wave pattern gently broadens.

The Real Peak Detect (RPD) algorithm is able to detect the real peak by cancelling the impact of the broadened wave patterns.

Multi-able control for transparent targets optimises the laser intensity by sensing and adjusting to the reflected light for each layer of a transparent object.

High accuracy is accomplished because the measurement is not affected by each layer’s reflectivity.

The Center and Peak Composition (CPC) algorithm for high-luster resins attains more stable high-definition measurements by combining two waveform patterns of reflected light from the target.

One waveform is a result of the highly reflective surface, while the other is a result of light reflected from beneath the surface.

Added capabilities include the ability to perform calculations for up to 12 sensor heads for flatness, warpage and multi-point thickness.

As an added bonus, the LK-G5000 includes the ability to measure speed and acceleration while measuring displacement.

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