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EG Technology is offering a compact and ergonomic laser marking system for marking medical device components. The system is said to combine a good conceptual design, robust machine building, flexible and intuitive control systems and the selection and integration of the most appropriate laser source.

Components to be marked are loaded by the operator in batches of six to a station on the rotary indexing unit. The machine then picks each part individually, checking that the length is within the specified tolerance, before rotating the part while the laser generates the required marks in 12 different places on each component.

The laser source used within the system is a Rofin Powerline 10E Air, chosen for its low operating costs. According to the company, its efficient air cooling means that the laser is virtually maintenance free.

A further index of the machine presents the marked components for vision inspection, where each part is picked up to verify that of each of the individual marks on the component meets the required specification.

All good components are returned to the machine fixture while any deemed as reject are automatically segregated to a locked container. The machine control system maintains a record of all batches produced together with pass/fail information for future traceability.

Key features and benefits

  • Rofin Powerline 10E Air is used as a maintenance-free laser source
  • System checks that lengths of parts are within specified tolerance
  • Marked components are presented for visual inspection
  • Rejected components are automatically segregated
  • System maintains record of all batches

ES Technology Ltd is an Oxford company with a 22 year history of manufacturing laser-based manufacturing equipment and providing a range of associated services and products. Our four business units are. Design and build of special purpose laser systems. We use a range of industrial lasers to provide customers with turnkey machines for laser marking, cutting and welding.Systems incorporate handling such as robot, conveyor or bowl-feed; motion and control elements such as XY/rotary tables and of course the appropriate laser and beam delivery for the job.Control is via PC/PLC and dedicated front-end software provides the human interface and integrates barcode readers, vision, etc as required. Laser jobshop.We use 10 laser systems to provide laser marking on a subcontract basis on plastic, metal, ceramic or wood.Products and components receive logos, serial numbers, barcodes and other functional marks.We also perform fine metal cutting and microperforating services. Distribution of rapid prototyping/rapid manufacturing systems.ES is the exclusive UK distributor of Concept Laser LaserCUSING systems which make parts in titanium, aluminium, stainless or tool steel and inconel directly from 3D CAD designs by additive layer build. Optical components.Laser diodes, safety eyewear and acousto-optic components/wafers are distributed.

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