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The PS1 from Eltrotec is a laser proximity sensor with an adjustable optic to set either a round or elliptical light spot in various sizes.

Due to the switching frequency of 5kHz, the sensor can be used in assembly and supply systems running at high speed.

PS1 is mainly used for controlling assemblies and presence of small parts as well as electronic components on printed boards, making high resolution an important feature and allowing detection of parts from 0.1mm and up.

These sensors are compact and easy to install and are similarly suited for breakage control in machine tools.

The elliptical light-spot adjustment allows the sensors to reliably detect structured surfaces that otherwise may cause problems to small light spots.

Adjustment and control is easy, as the red light shows a wavelength of 675nm, meaning it is visible.

A mechanical potentiometer precisely detects on point 0.1mm.

Sensing range varies from 55 to 300mm.

Because of its background suppression, the PS1 will not be affected by either clear or changing surfaces.

Detection of light or dark objects can be selected.

A switchable impulse extension secures signal transmission to control, reducing signal dropout by 40ms.

Laser protection class of PS1 is DIN EN 60825-1 class 2, so no further protection activities are required.

An IP 65 housing can be used for all industrial purposes and reliably works even in vibrating-equipment parts.

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