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The surveying team at Meyer Werft, a shipbuilder based in Northern Germany, uses instruments only from Leica Geosystems to ensure high accuracy is maintained at all points of manufacture.

Papenburg in Emsland holds large ship-fabrication halls that are the temporary homes of ferries and gas tankers, as well as cruise liners.

New ships are put together from more than 60 individual sections called blocks, which can weigh up to 800 tonnes each.

The quality of the connection interfaces plays an important role in the construction of the ship and in the assembly of the blocks themselves.

Consistent measurements are crucial because correcting mistakes is virtually impossible.

Meyer Werft states that Leica Geosystems and Hexagon Metrology have always met expectations.

The surveying team at Meyer Werft is on hand to provide its services at every stage in the production of a new ship.

Alignment of the plasma torch cutting machines is one of the first tasks and accuracy is also vital when laying keels and fabricating the blocks.

On top of this comes a host of other special jobs, such as determining the overall length of a ship.

At Meyer Werft, more and more parts are being prefabricated and then attached to the ship in one piece.

This means the company has to carry out fairly accurate 3D surveys, such as taking the measurements of a sun shade composed of multiple concave shapes, or of a 260m-long waterslide with curves and loops.

The contents of the instrument locker at Meyer Werft include a Leica TDRA6000 laser station and two Leica HDS6200 high-definition surveying (HDS) laser scanners.

Both instruments are permanently in use.

Before Meyer Werft’s surveying team begins to scan and capture point clouds, it determines the exact position of the targets using the Leica TDRA6000 and creates a mesh.

Most of the targets remain as fixed reference points, some are only temporary.

The team can then move the scanner from area to area and set it going immediately.

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