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Laser Design has announced that Schneider Electric has made four installations of Laser Design Surveyor 3D laser scanning systems in its international network of manufacturing plants.

These systems join several other Surveyor scanning systems already installed in China, France, India and the US, whose use has sped up and improved the quality-inspection process on their high-precision plastic moulded parts.

Three of the systems are the Laser Design Surveyor FA Series using the Faroarm with the high-speed, high-accuracy SLP-500 laser probe.

Laser Design offers its SLP laser line scanning probes in an integrated solution with seven-axis Faro Platinum, Titanium, Quantum or Advantage arms.

The SLP laser probes, combined with a Faro system, are completely integrated for portable laser scanning inspection applications on all types of parts and tools.

The Geomagic Qualify software package has been chosen by Schneider Electric to standardise its inspection process and enable fast, accurate graphical comparisons between digital reference models and as-built parts for quality inspection.

The Laser Design Surveyor FA scanning system was recently installed in one of Schneider Electric’s facilities in Mexico.

The portable inspection system, with its high-accuracy laser scanning, is used on the manufacturing floor for tooling verification prior to production moulding and can quickly be moved from line to line.

A second FA system was installed in Schneider’s Cedar Rapids, Iowa, facility.

The system is also used for verifying plastic injection-mould tooling prior to production runs.

Schneider’s Lincoln, Nebraska, plant was the recipient of the third Laser Design scanning system using the Faroarm.

It is being used to inspect complex freeform electrical parts on the factory floor.

The fourth system, a Laser Design Surveyor WS-2030 3D laser scanning system – also with the high-accuracy Laser Design SLP-500 laser-line scanning probe – was installed in Schneider’s Loves Park facility near Rockford, Illinois.

In this system, LDI integrates its own SLP Laser Scanning technology with high-accuracy German CMM technology.

This system is similar to other Laser Design 3D laser scanning systems that the company has in service in Iowa, Missouri, India and China.

Martin Schuster, president of Laser Design, said: ‘Plastic injection mouldings, stampings, castings and machined parts are all inspected with the laser scanning system.’

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