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Two powdered metals for the rapid manufacture of nickel alloy and aluminium alloy components by additive layer manufacturing have been introduced by EOS Electro Optical Systems.

The company has specified the materials for use in its EOSINT M 270 laser-sintering systems.

EOS nickel alloy IN718 is a nickel-based, heat-resistant super alloy, which corresponds to Inconel 718.

It is a precipitation hardening, nickel chromium alloy characterised by good tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strengths at temperatures up to 700C.

It shows high corrosion resistance, is suitable for many high-temperature applications and possesses strong cryogenic properties.

The material may be of particular interest to the aerospace industry due to its demanding requirements.

EOS said that it has carried out extensive tests in collaboration with several pilot customers.

It has developed process parameters that enable good part building and ensure that the relevant industrial standards for this material type can be reliably fulfilled.

These include, for example, heat treatment in accordance with AMS 5662 and AMS 5664 standards, as well as tensile and stress rupture properties at elevated temperatures (650C).

EOS aluminium AlSi10Mg powder, a typical casting alloy, is the first aluminium-based powder to be qualified for EOSINT M 270 systems and opens up application areas due to its light weight and thermal conductivity.

Thorough process development and testing were performed as preparation for the launch.

Cast parts in conventional AlSi10Mg are typically subjected to T6 heat treatment including solution annealing and quenching followed by age hardening at elevated temperatures.

EOS has already produced examples of laser-sintered aluminium alloy components illustrating intelligent designs such as hollow parts and mesh-like structures with high stiffness-to-weight ratios.

The material is expected to open up new markets in the area of light alloys.

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