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DHF Precision Mechanics, a producer of high-precision CNC-milled parts and assemblies, has found that changing to an in-house laser welding system supplied and installed by Rofin-Baasel has helped to generate additional turnover.

Based in Ostermünchen near Munich, DHF specialises in high-precision CNC-milled parts and assemblies and currently offers a service portfolio ranging from prototype manufacturing to the bulk production of several 10,000 parts a year.

Until 2012, DHF had been outsourcing all laser material processing tasks. Outsourcing not only significantly reduced production flexibility and speed for certain parts, but also increased the complexity of logistics. As a result, the company decided to change to in-house laser welding with a system supplied by Rofin-Baasel.

Rofin-Baasel installed a laser processing centre at DHF that comprised the Integral, a fully integrated CNC and manual laser welding system, and the Combiline Advanced laser marking system.

Two years on, the additional turnover generated outweighs the initial investment of around €150,000 (£128,000) and the regular costs of operation. In addition, DHF has managed to add new material processing skills to its key competencies.

Key benefits of product application

  • The laser welding workstation seamlessly integrates manual or joystick-controlled deposition welding with CNC operation.
  • According to DHF, laser welding has not been as difficult as expected.
  • The Integral features an XY table for workpieces weighing of up to 500kg and also has an additional rotary axis.
  • Using an in-house system has meant an increase in production flexibility and a decrease in the complexity of logistics.
  • The large working chamber of the Integral is spacious enough to freely rotate parts measuring up to 400mm in diameter.
  • The ability to develop a range of quick-change workholding devices, plus a series of laser programs for the different parts to be processed, allows the setup of different welding or marking applications within minutes, which optimises the production workflow.

Rofin-Baasel UK Ltd is the UK sales and support subsidiary of Rofin Sinar Technologies Inc, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial lasers and is quoted on the USA NASDAQ stock exchange. Rofin makes lasers and laser systems for marking, welding, cutting, drilling and perforating and offers sources and solutions across all the main industrial laser technologies CO2, solid state and fibre lasers. Our lasers are employed in most manufacturing markets to give customers unprecedented results in terms of quality and throughput. We have over 30,000 installations in industries such as medical device, electronics, automotive, jewellery, tool and mould, aerospace and solar power. Examples demonstrating the range of capabilities of Rofin lasers include: * In-line packaging material manufacturers use our lasers to create ‘easy open’ perforated lines in packaging. * High street jewellers buy our microwelding workstations to make and repair jewellery. * Surgical tool and implant manufacturers produce clean and permanent identification marks on their products with Rofin markers. * Photovoltaic customers rely on laser operations from scribing to drilling to make solar panels and wafers. Rofin-Baasel welcomes the opportunity to show customers what lasers can do for them.

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