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The Sauer Lasertec 20 fine-cutting processing centre from DMG (UK) has been developed for fast and accurate micro-machining of precision components.

Suitable for micro-machining a variety of materials including stainless steel, silicon wafer, ceramics, polycrystalline diamond, and cubic boron nitride, the Sauer Lasertec 20 is available in five- or three-axis versions.

The machine utilises direct linear drives and torque motor rotary drives along with fully integrated 20W Q-switched 500W CW fibre lasers.

Having a portal design, rigidity is a major factor throughout the machine’s working envelope of 200mm in X, 300mm in Y and 280mm in Z, through which the direct linear drive systems provide an acceleration of 2G in each axis.

The stability of the machine is able to ensure a constant contouring accuracy within five microns with a minimum laser cutting gap of 20 microns.

The use of fibre laser technology ensures the beam is of the highest quality, very stable and easy to integrate with options such as CCTV and focus control.

During manufacture of the silica glass optical fibres used in the beam transmission, a rare earth element – Ytterbium – is mixed into the core (doping) enabling it to generate a high-powered beam (M2

This makes the Lasertec 20 fine-cutting machine ideal for ultra-small, micro-technology machining and profiling typically demanded in the medical, instrument, toolmaking and precision fine blanking industries that require a high-precision prototype or a small batch production cycle capability.

Control is via DMG’s Ergoline with a 19in screen incorporating Siemens 840D Solutionline and includes Lasersoft software tools.

Guarding is in the style of DMG’s ultra-modern design giving good access to the working area via a large slide-aside door.

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