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Bac2 has developed its CSR range of latent acid catalysts to create formulations suitable for the production of stable phenolic and furan-based pre-polymeric mixes.

These inherently flame-retardant bulk and sheet-moulding compounds (BMCs and SMCs) maintain good mould-flow characteristics and can be cured rapidly at 120°C or more slowly at temperatures higher than 50°C.

Applications requiring flame-retardant mouldings include interior fittings for all forms of transportation, seating for stadia, electrical insulation products and electronic/electrical systems packaging.

CSR latent catalysts are used with established phenolic resoles that meet the fire, smoke and toxicity requirements for mass transit, marine, offshore and construction applications.

Key specifications

  • Can be used with established phenolic resoles and reactive furan resins to give storage-stable moulding compounds more than three months’ shelf life at room temperature
  • One-pack phenolic-based and furan-based compounds are available for the production of inherently flame-retardant mouldings
  • When using CSR catalysts, the processing properties and the composite properties of moulded products are not significantly different if curing is carried out immediately after preparing the pre-polymeric mix or several months later
  • Bac2 offers a choice of standard CSR latent acid catalyst products

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