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Lattice Semiconductor has released two small-footprint packages for its Ispmach 4000ZE CPLDs (complex programmable logic devices), an ultra low power CPLD range based on the Ispmach 4000.

The Ispmach 4064ZE device is available in a 64-ball ucBGA (ultra chip scale BGA) package with a 4 x 4mm footprint.

The Ispmach 4128 device is available in a 132-ball ucBGA package measuring 6 x 6mm, which enables both devices to accommodate the tight space constraints of portable and handheld equipment.

The Ispmach 4000ZE family in-system programmable CPLD family is ideal for low-power and high-volume portable applications, with typical standby current as low as 10uA.

The Ispmach 4000ZE devices operate from a nominal 1.8V power supply with operation extended down to 1.6V, accommodating extended end-of-battery-life voltages that can provide useful added margin for many systems.

The range offers enhanced system features such as Power Guard dynamic power reduction; per pin pull-up, pull-down or bus keeper control; an on-chip user oscillator and timer; and input hysteresis.

The Power Guard feature lowers power consumption by selectively disabling unused input pins so their switching does not needlessly consume dynamic power.

The Ispmach 4000ZE devices’ 5V tolerant I/Os can be used for connecting to TTL and PCI interfaces with no external components, which makes them ideal for connecting to legacy chips and interfaces.

The Ispmach 4000ZE devices have two I/O banks, each with its own power supply voltage that can be set to support LVTTL and LVCMOS 3.3, 2.5, 1.8 and 1.5V outputs.

The devices’ input buffers have programmable thresholds that support the above standards independent of the I/O bank voltage.

They support an extended range of 3.3V I/O current.

The Ispmach 4000ZE family also offers always-on input hysteresis for each pin.

This feature provides improved noise immunity for 3.3 and 2.5V inputs.

An internal oscillator provided can be used in miscellaneous housekeeping functions such as watchdog heartbeat functions, digital de-glitch circuits and control state machines.

The Ispmach 4000ZE family is supported by Lattice’s Isplever Classic design tool suite, which is available for free from the company’s website.

The Isplever Classic design software includes the tools needed to take a project from concept to programmed device: project management; HDL, ABEL and schematic design entry; module integration; fitting; timing analysis; and programming.

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