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Lattice Technology, which develops digital manufacturing applications using the XVL format, has released updates to its applications that comprise XVL System Toolkit.

With updates to XVL Filter, XVL Reducer and XVL Processor, manufacturers can now handle XVL v10 files easily and quickly within their integrated manufacturing IT infrastructures, according to the company.

XVL System Toolkit empowers a manufacturing operation to turn enterprise-wide 3D data into a competitive advantage and extend best practices with 3D across an entire manufacturing supply chain.

The system is said to deliver the tools to quickly and easily integrate the automated processing of 3D computer-aided-design (CAD) data into XVL across an integrated PLM, PDM or ERP system.

With these tools, 3D data can be processed and delivered in many different forms, including – but not limited to – interactive work instructions, 3D parts lists and BOMs, assembly animations and 2D illustrations direct from 3D.

XVL applications sit within the automated system to provide all these outputs as well as advanced digital mock-up (DMU) and design review tools.

XVL System Toolkit comprises three products that work automatically within manufacturing IT systems when 3D CAD data is checked in.

The first, XVL Filter, manages the handling of 3D data into various predefined forms, for example, combining multiple 3D files into one XVL file and vice versa.

This tool also manages the creation of updated assembly instructions and technical illustrations in standard document formats and the addition of security to files.

XVL Processor handles the manipulation of external, non-CAD data such as .CSV data and integrates it with the 3D XVL data based on predefined settings.

The application also manages the automated creation of interference and clearance check reports on 3D CAD data.

XVL Reducer removes predefined geometry elements from 3D XVL data that is regarded as proprietary or unnecessary.

It can also remove 3D that is hidden behind other surfaces, aggregate faces and edges to reduce file size.

The overall result is to deliver XVL data that is even smaller in file size and that does not reveal proprietary data to unauthorised teams, suppliers or other participants.

XVL System Toolkit is compatible with a number of ERP and PLM systems, including Windchill, Teamcenter, Enovia, Delmia, Smarteam and Sap.

This latest version of XVL System Toolkit supports the XVL v10 format, which is claimed to deliver a compressed 3D format with no loss of accuracy.

XVL v10 can compress 3D CAD data to 0.5 per cent of its original size for both surface and polygon data, allowing anyone in the manufacturing supply chain to quickly view and understand complex 3D CAD data, even on a low-specification PC.

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