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RAIO Technology has introduced a TFT LCD controller, which is said to be a low-cost solution for colour TFT applications.

The RA8870 supports character and graphic mixed displays and is designed to meet the requirements of middle-size TFT modules up to 640 x 480 pixels with characters or 2D graphic applications.

With internal RAM, the controller can support 65K colour for 320 x 240 TFT panels, 4K colour for 640 x 240/320 x 480 display or 4K colour for 320 x 240 dots with two layers.

With external RAM, it supports up to 65K colour for 640 x 480 panels.

The embedded CGROM can display the alphaset of the ISO 8859-1/2/3/4 international standard.

It includes 256 x 4 characters and is available in English or other European languages.

For graphic usage, the RA8870 supports a 2D Block Transfer Engine (BTE) that is compatible with the 2D BitBLT function for processing the mass data transfer function.

The geometric speed-up engine enables users to draw the programmable geometric shape by hardware.

The RA8870 features a range of functions, such as a screen rotation function, a scroll function, graphic pattern, a two-layer mixed display and a font enlargement function.

To reduce the system cost, the RA8870 includes low-cost 8080/6800 MCU I/F, a flexible four or five-wire touch-panel controller, pulse-width modulation for adjusting the panel backlight and some GPIOs.

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