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Densitron has added 10 new models to its range of industrial-grade Seiko Instruments (SII) TFTs that utilise LCD technologies to provide display solutions for a variety of different applications.

Displays in the range are available from 2-7in and have resolutions from QVGA to WVGA.

The series comes with long-term availability guarantee and touch-screen options.

Touch panels bonded using SII’s unique Airless Direct Bonding technique can achieve a dustless bonding result that produces excellent sunlight readability and increased impact strength.

According to Densitron, TFT displays in the range that utilises Twisted Nematic (TN) technology are suitable for design engineers looking for a slim package and good contrast and viewing angles.

The new 3.5in HVGA (35HVE0H and 35HVE1H) TFTs in the series adopt SII’s original E-mode technology, an enhanced version of the TN type, and offer extended viewing angles of up to 160deg in horizontal and 150deg in vertical directions.

TFTs in the range, including the new 2.0in QVGA (20QVF0H / 20QVF1H) and 3.0in WQVGA (30WQF0H), which adopt Fringe Field Switching (FFS) technology, are designed for applications that require higher display performance.

FFS TFTs offer 160deg viewing angles, a contrast ratio of up to 800:1 and good sunlight readability through the use of energy efficient, ultra-bright backlights of up to 450cd/sqm.

To cater for a wider range of design budgets, cost-competitive models of 4.3in (43WQW3H, 43WQW4H and touch versions 43WQW3T, 43WQW4T) and 7.0in (70WVW3A and touch version 70WVW3T) have just been added to the series.

The latest TFTs adopt SII’s original M-DANNY backlight structure.

Without using a prism sheet, the backlight design ensures an even light distribution to produce high brightness of up to 350nits.

In addition, the new models utilise Ti-SOL original film that increases NTSC ratio by up to 80 per cent, enriching colour saturation.

Densitron’s Engineering Design Service can further enhance the TFT displays by integrating standard or custom display modules with PCB, plastics, keypads and/or multi-touch overlays.

Densitron Display Solutions

Densitron is an established display solution provider that has over thirty years of experience in providing comprehensive solutions to global organisations.  The company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of innovative custom and standard display solutions utilising OLED, TFT, STN, CSTN, Monochrome and Touch Screen technologies, and engineering design and production services which include housing and environmental enhancements.  Densitron also invests in and offers user-friendly proprietary evaluation kits.

Densitron’s Engineering Design Service (EDS) provides end-to-end project support and encompasses every aspect of product development and manufacture, including design, prototyping, tooling, production and assembly. Throughout every stage Densitron uses the most advanced production technology, and work to strict quality control systems.  

Densitron continues to adapt its product and service offerings to accommodate the rapidly changing requirements of industry worldwide and its responsive local technical support team is on hand to assist customers with the design and production of value-added display solutions.

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