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Densitron’s ultra-bright Negative Mode 1RU, 2RU, 1/16th and 1/8th DIN LCDs with coloured LED backlights are designed to offer brilliant graphic displays in handheld and rack applications.

The displays are suited for users who require long-term product availability and possibly touch capability.

With in-house expertise, Densitron has developed a powerful evaluation and demonstration tool for this range of industrial monographic LCDs.

The new Mono Evaluation Kit can drive Densitron’s Negative Mode LCDs from the USB port of a desktop or laptop PC.

The kit is hot pluggable and does not require extra cables or power supply to run, allowing users to get displays running in minutes.

Each kit comprises of a user-chosen Negative Mode LCD display, a transition board, a USB controller card, a mini USB cable and a CD with software application, drivers and sample pictures.

Software application of the Kit allows quick downloading of pictures and direct access to a display’s driver register via script editor and lets users generate and save slide shows for immediate performance.

Time controls for slideshow are also incorporated in the proprietary kit.

Several evaluation kits can be connected to a PC at the same time, with each one running from its own USB port.

This additional feature enables comparison of the properties of different displays simultaneously, making it easier for users to choose appropriate displays for their applications.

TFT and OLED Duo Kits share the same base board design as the latest Mono Evaluation Kit.

Users who already have the Duo kits therefore only require the Mono kit with a transition board and a display to start evaluating Densitron’s industrial monographic LCDs.

Densitron Display Solutions

Densitron is an established display solution provider that has over thirty years of experience in providing comprehensive solutions to global organisations.  The company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of innovative custom and standard display solutions utilising OLED, TFT, STN, CSTN, Monochrome and Touch Screen technologies, and engineering design and production services which include housing and environmental enhancements.  Densitron also invests in and offers user-friendly proprietary evaluation kits.

Densitron’s Engineering Design Service (EDS) provides end-to-end project support and encompasses every aspect of product development and manufacture, including design, prototyping, tooling, production and assembly. Throughout every stage Densitron uses the most advanced production technology, and work to strict quality control systems.  

Densitron continues to adapt its product and service offerings to accommodate the rapidly changing requirements of industry worldwide and its responsive local technical support team is on hand to assist customers with the design and production of value-added display solutions.

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