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LCM Systems has introduced a range of shackle load cells designed specifically for lifting and weighing applications in harsh or rugged environments.

Suitable for use in applications such as under-hook hoist and crane weighing, cable tension monitoring and crane load safety monitoring, the sensors are available in either cabled or wireless telemetry versions.

The company can provide the cabled versions with Crosby shackles as standard or as an option with Greenpin shackles.

The use of high-quality shackles is essential to comply with safety standards and regulations as well as to maintain integrity, according to LCM.

The SHK-D cabled shackle load cells use the Crosby G2150 and are available in a range from one tonne to 35 tonnes, while the SHK-B cabled series has a rated load up to 400 tonnes, using either the Crosby G2130 or the Crosby G2140.

All shackle pins are forged from high-tensile carbon steel and proof loaded to 150 per cent of the normal rated load.

The standard product is sealed to IP66 to protect against harsh-weather conditions.

All load cells in the series are simple to install and can be supplied with a range of instrumentation for a complete load monitoring system.

For engineers wanting a wireless telemetry option, the Telshack range uses integral wireless telemetry electronics operating on the 2.4GHz licence-free frequency.

Two ranges are offered: Telshack-D can be used from 12 tonnes to 35 tonnes, while the Telshack-B can be used for applications up to 400 tonnes.

Both ranges can be supplied with either Crosby or Greenpin shackles and experienced design engineers at LCM can provide advice on the correct shackle for each application.

One of the main features of the Telshack ranges is that the housing is supplied with a built-in rechargeable battery.

This means that they can be removed from the shackle for charging, while the shackle itself remains in place.

A handheld battery-powered display is supplied as standard with the option of a single display that can monitor up to 12 shackles when the load cells are used in a multi-shackle configuration, either individually or for summation/balancing applications.

LCM’s standard range of shackle load cells can provide a safe solution for many applications.

However, for more complex requirements, the company’s Technical Department will work closely with application engineers to provide customised and workable systems.

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