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LCR Electronics is offering two new series of EMI Filters for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) shielded rooms.

The 058 series filters are designed to mitigate any unwanted EMI noise through MRI room telephone, alarm and data lines.

The UL-recognised 059 series filters provide EMI suppression along the main power lines.

The 058 series is a collection of dual line filters rated 120/277V AC 50/60Hz up to 50A at 60C, 300/600V DC line-to-ground and line-to-line, all with an impendence line-to- line rating of 600ohms and a line-to-ground rating of 300ohms.

The series has a stop band of 100dB from 20KHz to 10GHz for phone lines, 100dB from 150KHz to 10GHz for data lines and 100dB from 14KHz to 1GHz for alarm lines.

Individual or multiple 058 series filters can be supplied pre-installed in an enclosure with removable covers for I/O connections and a threaded conduit pipe for installation against shielded room interference.

The cabinets with multiple filters are supplied with insulation displacement or screw-down type terminal blocks for I/O connections.

The 059 MRI room power line filters are available in single, dual and three phase configurations.

They provide 100dB attenuation from 5MHz to 10GHz per MIL-STD-220 and feature a sealed filter compartment with a removable shielded cover for input connections as well as a threaded conduit pipe for installation against shielded room interference.

The output terminals are prewired with flexible cable extended out through the threaded conduit pipe.

The 059 series is also available in low leakage line-to-line and three phase delta configurations for European applications or where lower leakage current is required.

The filters are available for single and three-phase applications rated 277V AC 50/60Hz up to 50A at 60C.

The cost-effective, RoHS-compliant 058 and 059 series filters are available for quick delivery.

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