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Leader CNC has become the sole UK agent for the range of Spanish-built Unamuno turning centres.

This machine-tool range is said to offer a number of technical advantages over more conventional multi-axis CNC lathes.

Since becoming the UK representative at the end of 2009, Leader CNC has already sold its first machine – a Unamuno Optima 36 simultaneous multi-tool turning centre.

The Optima 36 centre has been purchased by Wakefield-based Aqua Mist Fire Protection, a provider of low-pressure water-mist technology.

The new acquisition is being used to produce components for water-mist V sprinklers, low-pressure systems and general water-mist applications.

The new Optima range is available with three variants: the Optima 36, 42 and 50.

With six axes and 22 tool positions including eight positions on the three-axis upper slide and a two-axis gang slide with up to 14 tools, the Optima allows seven tools to be used on the main spindle with another seven on the sub spindle.

As an option, customers can acquire the Optima machine with indexing and power tooling on the gang and upper slides for complex component manufacture and improved productivity.

The Optima 36, 42 and 50 machines have 36mm-, 42mm- and 50mm-diameter capacities respectively, matched by the sub-spindle capacities.

This is supported by good power and rigidity, allowing end users to divide operations between the main and sub spindles.

This enables end users to overlap up to three operations simultaneously using axis super-imposition.

With customers now capable of simultaneous milling and drilling processes, productivity is improved.

This rigidity is claimed to offer good surface finishes, enabling the end user to maintain repeatability and accuracy.

The construction of the Optima range enables it to conduct heavy machining operations as well as intricate and difficult-to-machine components.

The Optima range permits simultaneous overlapped machining on the main spindle with a two-axis gang slide that turns the component front profile while simultaneously using the three-axis upper slide to machine the rear profile to reduce cycle times.

As well as offering simultaneous overlapped main spindle machining, the Optima also enables overlapped machining on the sub spindle.

The three-axis upper slide machines the front of the next part in the main spindle while cutting the previous part with the gang slide.

The Optima is also set up to permit three simultaneously overlapped processes.

The three-axis upper slide and the front tool in the gang slide can machine the next component while using the superimposed feed with the sub spindle and rear gang slide tool; the previous part is machined at the same time.

The optional extra of motorised tool stations enables the end user to increase the scope of the Optima to conduct additional milling operations and, in most instances, to eliminate secondary machining processes.

With simultaneous overlapped milling on the primary spindle using a motorised tool unit, the gang slide can mill the front of the part while using the three-position motorised tool unit in the three-axis upper slide to conduct pocket milling.

This concept reduces the need for secondary operations on machining centres.

The motorised option also allows three motorised operations to overlap on the main and sub spindle.

The Optima can conduct tapping from the three-axis upper slide in the previous part while the front rotary tool in the gang slide drills holes in the face of the next component.

At the same time, the rear rotary tool drills the previous part using the superimposed feed on the sub spindle.

The ability to produce complex components and cycles is simplified by the Mitsibushi 730 multi-axis ISO control or the interactive touch-screen PC control.

Optima machines are complete with a part unloader, a coolant tank and a swarf conveyor.

Leader CNC Technologies is a well established company with over 100 years of combined experience on virtually every make of machine produced within the last 30 years and full ISO 9001 accreditation.

What we do is only half the story however – it’s not just what we do but how we do it that sets us apart as THE industry leading specialists. We offer a full range of CNC Machine solutions, from small turning centre installations by DMC, very large machining centres by Toshiba to ultra high precision machines by Kitamura. Our capacity to tailor a solution to your needs is unrivalled.

The relationships we enjoy with our customers are an immense source of pride for us and we value our sole trader clients as much as we value our world market leader multi-national clients – we understand the needs of both intimately.

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