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Leader CNC has announced that it will showcase large millers and VTLs, including Kitamura CNC machining centres, at Mach 2010.

Leader CNC is the UK agent for the Kitamura CNC machining centres.

As standard, the Kitamura range of high-accuracy horizontal machine tools are equipped with rapid traverse rates of 50m/min on all linear axes, utilising solid box-type slideways, through-spindle coolant, cooled ballscrews, full rotary B-axes plus high-speed/high-torque gear-driven spindles.

Leader CNC is also the UK and main European distributor for the high-precision Toshiba Machine range, which provides the capacity to machine medium- to large-sized components.

Solutions are available for companies involved in power generation, oil and gas, construction and aerospace sectors requiring twin and multi-pallet machining centres, vertical turn-only and turn/mill centres, table type and moving column horizontal boring machines, universal and five-axis gantry mills.

These machines are said to have proven a success in the heavy industry sectors.

The BTF 130mm spindle horizontal boring machines have the capability to move 20-tonne loads at 18m/min to a linear accuracy of +/- 0.016mm.

Single-column vertical borers and turn/mill centres are currently used by a number of customers for the manufacture of wind-turbine parts ranging in size from 1.3m diameter, through to 3m diameter.

With moving table vertical lathes capable of swinging 5.5m, to double column machines up to 8m diameter, Toshiba gantry mills with built-in rotary tables can both turn and perform five-axis machining on complex aerospace parts.

For customers looking for turning solutions, Leader CNC is the UK agent for DMC turning centres, part of the Ilrim Nano-Tec Group, and a stakeholder in SMEC, whose products can also be offered by Leader.

To complement the DMC and SMEC range, Leader CNC is also the UK agent for the Monforts range of large-capacity, multi-axis lathes.

These turning centres incorporate patented hydrostatic slide technology with friction-free increments of 1 micron with no wear.

The Monforts machines are said to deliver ultra-high precision and rigidity for a minimum period of 10 years, guaranteed.

Leader CNC has also become the sole UK agent for the range of Unamuno multi-axis lathes.

Leader CNC Technologies is a well established company with over 100 years of combined experience on virtually every make of machine produced within the last 30 years and full ISO 9001 accreditation.

What we do is only half the story however – it’s not just what we do but how we do it that sets us apart as THE industry leading specialists. We offer a full range of CNC Machine solutions, from small turning centre installations by DMC, very large machining centres by Toshiba to ultra high precision machines by Kitamura. Our capacity to tailor a solution to your needs is unrivalled.

The relationships we enjoy with our customers are an immense source of pride for us and we value our sole trader clients as much as we value our world market leader multi-national clients – we understand the needs of both intimately.

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